From adventure to the production
of a documentary film.

Julien Defourny is a young adventurer from Belgium who has traveled the Americas for more than 4 years by bike and kayak. He crossed more than 20 countries, looking for freedom and authenticity, with the desire to make people aware of the human and environmental issues the world is facing.
He hits the road with a camera and a microphone to record hundreds of hours of interviews and authentic images in the heart of the most remoted populations.
In 2019, he returns home with the will to highlight the voices of these humans who have taught him so much about life. He also went to meet several projects around the Americas, which could be solutions to reverse climate change and to live in a more sustainable way.

From his raw material and ideas, he now wants to make a professional documentary film. To lead this project from writing to broadcasting, he entrusts Amerigo Park with the production of his film in September 2019.

In early 2020, a crowfounding campaign allows us to collect the 10,000 euros necessary for post production. Currently, Julien is preparing the last part of the trip (postponed because of the Covid19), in Alaska, before finalizing the film for early 2021.

Check out the official website for more.